Last night My friends and I went to the Body Shop whose owner is Valentin Grushevoy. We decided to knock out a piece of metal which has stuck in cranked to a shaft, and to measure the size of the pistons and cylinders in the 4agze engine, which has arrived to Pasha from Japan. Measurements were a surprise. There were small manipulations and Vadimulia’s beard showed us magic this evening.

I think next information will be helpful for someone:
The Valentin Grushevoy is owner of this Body Shop which is located at Mel’nyts’ka street 1. He is an old time Rally Driver, and also known that he builds excellent suspension for any car, and simply a good person, if you are looking for a good master in Odessa, Ukraine, I advise you come and visit him.

Later I will show you other interesting pictures from this Body Shop. Keep in touch. Aleksey N