Something wrong? You hoped to see on the cover of the article awesome cars, action, smoke or sick battles to the death? No, not this time! Opening the season of drift in Ukraine kick off with the following words: no accreditation – no sensation, but not for me guys! Because of the ridiculous accident I did not get accredited, and it’s my fault, but thanks to my friends I got partial access to the track. So the first round of UDC in Kiev was full of thoughts about these events and about the overall situation of things, like this amazing, mind blowing, huge cloud. You love high speed entries, close distances, emotions and full lock rear wheels? Oh, Yeah, I know you love that! Let’s start the journey!

I was on the track very early, but due to the incident with the accreditation spent a lot of time wasted, thanks God I was lucky and I did not miss anything important, until received a pass. Center of the track was fully loaded with media like a nest and there was nothing interesting. When I saw this situation I’m easily went straight to the start line area.

Somewhere in bushes I find this tire, winter?! you are kidding? if you were there in that day, you know what am I talking about, it was deathly hot day.

Starting area was already full of lines from burnouts.

Pilots are waiting for their turn during a practice session.

Vitaliy Lutiy warming up a new set of tires.

Next hour nothing important was expected, everything was quiet, I went for a walk around the track searching interesting shots.

Maybe even in search of atmospheric pics. . .

Lonely walking around was amazing, but it’s very sad that Chaika Kiev race track can’t be used fully for a long time, due to houses that are located close to the track. So you can see how slowly dying the track, but who cares?

I started to take pictures of the pilots who were accelerating from the start line. . .

. . . it looks like time attack event.

Observations from hiding place.

Sometimes it seems that the track is narrow and quite like toy.

This acid sileighty was very contrast, even when the sun was hiding behind clouds.

Someone was testing his skills, and practicing more and more, because part of the track on which competitions were held is very difficult and dangerous section, one mistake and the car can be totally destroyed. . .

. . . even bull often run on a straight line.

My main goal of the action part was to show you high speed entries, especially with full lock wheels. So I went into this little forest to find a good place for shooting with nice open view.

Oh sweet Chaika corners and turns. . .

This shot with Vitaliy Gerashchenko gaz 24 for me looks like I was somewhere in mountains on touge-style track in Japan that moment. Coniferous trees, awesome nature, cars, full throttle, I love that!

Good first attempts, Yeah!

Behind the bushes I catched Dmitriy Illyuk practice run, look at his hood and door, they such a lightweight. At high speed it seems that they will be fully opened now.

. . . hunting the bull. . .

On the way to the spot, awesome entries from Maxim Sherstuk on his e30, I love composition on this shot.

When I found my place in the bushes, I decided go back to the start line for a while, because sometimes there happens something interesting. It’s very strange but I was the only one guy from all of the media there.

. . . preparing for battle. . .

Vladymyr Marchenko s14 on this shot looks very juicy, matte car color, wheels, rainbow in plastic glass mmm. . .

Oh how I love these moments, Alex Golovnya on the start line thinking about how hot will be event for him this day.

Vitaliy Lutiy on the line.

Yeah, that day was hot for everyone.

Some emotional moments before pair practice run.

This is “Vitaliy Gerashchenko style” – keep the door opened for a long time this way, when he is standing and waiting, we saw this last year and I think it looks cool.

. . . oh this look.

Yuriy Driftovskiy on his freshly black s14.

. . . checking suspension. . .

. . . volk ce28n, volk lightest wheels?!

Kissed ass. . .

. . . with serious stuff inside.

Denis Lisichonok and his new e30 for that drift season, I hope we will see many interesting things with this car on coming events. . .

. . . ready to blow up the track!

Dmitriy Illyuk is waiting his turn on the start line area, by the way 200sx received new Monster Energy cover and I think it looks more aggressive than last year.

. . . sweet ass!

Nice little circles in the back window for smoke removal from inside the car that resemble circles in Daigo Saito’s Lexus, ouu and this huge ME logo, I love it all.

. . . practice pair attack.

Vladymyr Marchenko stopped and came out of the car to make deal with his racing suit, there were some funny movements.

Awesome atmospheric moments like this one is a perfect example why I love to spend some time in the start area. Dmitriy showing his finger for another pilot for the pair run.

. . . checking the helmet. . .

. . . part of practice comes to end. . .

The last few runs I stood near the fence and was catching fast cars acceleration.

Denis Lisichonok e30 on these two shots looks amazing like M3 from old DTM era.

Who should go fast now?

Ohh Yeah!

Vladymyr Marchenko was the last one and practice ended. Meanwhile, as there was a pause for a briefing, I took water for myself, and went to my spot in the bushes.

The main part of the competition which all have been waiting started!

Clean cars, nice girls. . .

. . . sponsors, presentation of the pilots who burned track that day. . .

. . . some team performances. . .

. . . burnouts. . .

. . . even the national anthem sounded. . .

. . . plus some stunt riding show, and many other stuff.

All day there were huge mind blowing clouds in the sky, like a soft pillow.

And deadly hot sun, which preys on you!

Before the races there was a small Lottery, and winners tested their skills in catching gifts from Max Miller. It was funny to look how people exploded when they see a flying present.

. . . and battles began!

RedBull music truck tower, sounded good.

Ouu Yeah, Odessa always finds the highest point for shooting.

. . . view from my hunting spot.

Vitaliy Lutiy shows very stable high speed entries on his new e30 with LPG fuel system.

. . . track gymnastics.

Nice lock from Denis Lisichonok.

Alex Golovnya is not far behind, look at this little line of smoke on start of his power sliding move, I love that.

First fast entries to the corner not always ends well, and the central part of the track is always ready to welcome guests on the grass.

Such hypnotizing and calming, I’m enjoying all the day.

Vladymyr Marchenko shows very aggressive driving style that day, maybe even fearless.

He showed a good ride, and constantly was breathing  in the back of his opponents.

Gerashchenko and Driftovskiy another interesting pair, with close distance.

. . . high speed. . .

. . . but not always with a good end for Driftovskiy.

And now the sweetest part, the fastest pilots, and their crazy battles.

All ready for top 8, top 4 and final race.

For me all pilots who took participation in that day were very fast and skilled compared to the last year, but some of them are faster, look at Dmitriy, he put his 200sx into a slide far from corner, on a very high speed, this looks awesome, and on my opinion Dmitriy and his car have much more potential and reserve of power which can be easily used.

Smoky clouds at the start, yeah this is top 4, people goes nuts, look at the right side of the track, pressure up so much that they just stucked to the fence.

. . . waiting for action. . .

Small pause, so I can make a rest for a few minutes in my archipelago)

. . . beautiful surroundings. . .

And let’s blow, sick lock from Dmitriy Illyuk!

Duel with Aleksandr Grinchuk. . .

. . . and Dmitriy Illyuk goes to the final.

The following pilots were Vladymyr Marchenko and Alex Golovnya. I said before that Marchenko was agressive and fearless that day, and yes, he made the show for audience, it was the contact at high speed when he was behind Golovnya. . . so hot. . . as a result “hello grass”, fortunately everything went smoothly and there was no serious accident. But it is sad, because Marchenko was not able to continue the race due to a breakdown. If there was not this incident I think we would have seen a couple of agressive battles. Golovnya in the final.

By the technical reasons of Marchenko, Aleksandr Grinchuk automatically has earned third place and this is his smoky winning run.

. . . a few minutes before the final.

And here are our heroes today, riding at full throttle.

Dmitriy Illyuk was very fast. . .

The distance between two cars all of the way was very small and it doesn’t matter who goes first and who goes second.

. . . two in one. . .

They all are waiting for culmination.

Meanwhile I’m hunting for speed. . .

Entry close to the apex, distance. . . Engines sound like a thunder, I advise you to see and hear it live.

Nobody wants to lose. . .

. . . the last one run.

This is the end, Dmitriy Illyuk and Alex Golovnya rode almost identically, it was awesome final battle, but Golovnya made ​​a couple of mistakes, plus some difficulties with the car in technical causes, so he took the second place. And the winner of UDC Stage One is, YES! Dmitriy Illyuk, my congrats!. It’s a good start of the season, I hope that in the next round which will take place in Odessa, more pilots will be attended and we will see more action on the track. But for you guys who are reading my blog, it is not the end of stage one, in the near future I’ll show you award ceremony, and emotions behind the scene in the closed paddock after the end of the event. Stay in touch. Aleksey x