Already a long ago it was in my plans to shoot my friend’s Subaru Impreza gc8, but I could not get around to do it. And among a workweek, very lately at night, at last, all happened. I was at home, rested after a hard working day and waited for Slavik, when he will arrive and we will be able to move out to the previously planned location – Socar petrol filling station, which is situated on the road Odessa-Illichevsk. And it is good that I did not fall asleep, because it would be again everything to put off. Calm driving through quiet night city, and here we are in place. Socar petrol filling stations are large and very good looking, therefore, they are excellent locations for shootings. I really wanted to capture the «missile state» of the car in which it was, because after a couple of days it will set off to the painting works. And here we began to shoot. A quiet night was peaceful at first, without surprises, sometimes passed local workers and gapers, drove large trucks. But it happened so that we had to meet with real local gangsters, in one moment I even thought it would be a fight), it was hot. It seemed that already nothing could happen and suddenly, fog descended and the humidity rose so much that everything immediately became wet. While I was enjoying the process of shooting and finding new foreshortenings and variants for shooting, I forgot all about the fact that it was 4 am, that I was tired and after 3 hours had to go to work). On the way back I turned my attention to the fact that in the Impreza the right headlight shines very interesting and lights up the sky. It was about 6 in the morning when we were standing at my house, and discussed how cool that exactly this night everything has happened. Many factors came together and an interesting shooting turned out. Falling down from feet I went to sleep, I was waited by a wonderful morning.