Hi guys! Sorry for the long silence in my blog, I’m very busy recently, but that will not stop me from adding good stuff. Let’s look around at a small tradition that has evolved with Dmitriy’s Illyuk Crew guys, after every event. We are looking for a good petrol station like SOCAR, for a little rest, good food, and sweet candies. It was not the usual day, because we were accompanied by the snowy white badass s15.

In the evening the weather quickly changed, sometimes was rainy, and everything became gray. You think that all this factors can create shitty sadness?! Nooo! When you are standing on a sleepy lone petrol station with this badass it can not be!

I never tell guys in situation like this one where stop the cars, natural situation for me is much more important than staged shots. When everyone started to do something, I’m lazily walked around. There were no customers and we used this situation for a long stop. Meanwhile local workers with huge interest were looking at the battle car on the trailer and were making some pictures with that pretty nice background.

But all this was not important in comparison with this one. I stood for a long time and admired the landscape that was in front of me. In these moments you catch yourself on the words “Hello, you sick PETROLHEAD!” and yes it’s true! I was excited as all matched. This colored street fighter on awesome TE37 for “no name heroes” guys. (now the s15 is almost white, but i loved when it was exactly in this condition). Clean view, without trash – thanks to SOCAR, gray-green nature around which increases atmosphere in this shot, even funny cook on the right, all in their places, maybe you somewhere in Japan? No? How nice to dream or simple happiness in small things.

Another side. . . clean, cute, but with a burning heart underhood, waiting for his time.

Badass and his track friend rubber destroyer, what a wonderful company.

Hiding in the leaves.

Slow motion straight ahead and we are done.

I have in reserve some more pictures with this white lady, but in another spot, which i will show you in near future.