Release of the heart, day one. (from now naiho stories will be in new format, i hope that you will enjoy)

Everything began with such fact that the new engine was delivered to Pasha from Japan. And we with friends gathered at the garage whose owner our mate Kirill, to prepare car for body work.

Interesting box with tamiya S15 model was spotted on the roof of AE, surprisingly was to see it here.

Moving into the depth of the garage were found amazing posters of Soviet cars.

. . . and here is the main hero of the day one.

I think this is my favorite shot from this set, if you know this middle finger, you also must know who this man on the picture, Yes, hello Vadimulia, I love you too. This pit was his favorite place in that evening.

Blue paint on the wall hmm. . . interesting solution for the tools, to know what where must be, but the main thing, is not to spoil the tools.

Ohhh Ohhh. . . Pasha’s real working sweet panties haha)

I love those old Soviet chairs or other Soviet things, they make awesome atmosphere in garages like this one.

Kirill in young age apparently was a fan of mopeds and I found a few crazy mopeds for streets in this place. They looked funny and sick in the same time with many stickers and details, some of them were dismantled, I counted at least three.

. . . all are doing something. . .

Of course this garage would do well to clean up in some places, especially this table, where there is everything, food, parts, tools, lamps, in general, a large trashcan.

When I was climbing out of the pit Vadimulia joked with Pasha and I managed to catch this funny face under interesting angle.

. . . busy guys make business.

Olga in our crew like a BOSS, she always looking how are we working and what are we doing, and gives us good advice.

Interesting pass, Lada Cup 2010 vip guest, it’s unbelievable, I thought this is not carried out long time.

. . . nice jar on the shelf, direction – use dry spoon once, only once!

Olga checks what Vadimulia is doing!

This shot, like family home situation, when father is teaching kid, how to do right.

Ouuu. . . Yes! this facial expression on the right costs worth millions!

Guys are arguing again about something, I love the position of Vadimulia’s hands, this motion looks like “what are you doing Pasha?”

Nice poster was spotted on garage front door, where is our number 46)

. . . talking about what to do next continues.

For the oil from engine we found this awesome Soviet bowl, by the way i found that in this garage someone is coffee lover, because everywhere posters of coffee, for example look at the back door, in general this composition looks great.

This one is located near our spot, what is this? usually on the old Soviet guarded parking is a building for the guard, but this overground wooden structure causes a wild delight!

Here i enjoyed how the light shines under the bottom of the car and of course beautiful cloth with nice pattern to avoid scratching of the car paint.

Next thing how to pour the liquid from one container to another and did not shed any single drop of oil on the ground, Yeah watching this is very funny))

Vadimulia is a master of this job, look on viewers how they are intently monitor the process.

. . . save electricity. . .

. . . beautiful round mirror. . .

. . . local garage mountain of things.

This is our sweet old music center which broadcasts good radio stations for us, like a 87,5.

. . . the auto gallery, Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, and Audi? Ouu Yes)

Hmm. . . interesting reflection on the helmet.

Vadimulia found a Japanese magazine and is very interested in the articles.

I think this picture turned out special, with great composition of faces, and from different points of looking at the magazine.

Hmm. . . Nissan Bluebird interesting. . . interesting. . .

. . . another mountain of things.

Sometimes when I shoot the details and I look through the viewfinder, some members of the crew love to do like this, hello fingers, hello!

. . . cloth moves slowly into the engine bay. . .

. . . wall of chaotic tools.

At the bottom of some mountains, you can find interesting exhaust manifold)

Sometimes is very difficult to pass from one side of the garage to the other.

I made cold light in this shot, to make atmosphere like in a horror movie, i think it looks great.

. . . bye bye AE, we’ll be back soon.

When Pasha was closing the garage he found this mystery hat and i suddenly stoped him for this beautiful portrait)

Someone found hats, someone anything else, but this bearded guy has found awesome vintage aviation goggles somewhere, he looks simply crazy in them.

. . . checking the pedals.

Everything is closed and the first day ended, read in the next post about release of the heart, day two x