There is only one way of spending winter weekend with FUCK BITCH CREW, when there is no drift practice?! It’s simply called FBC MEET). We travel all over the city, reaching the nearest cafe to eat red Russian borscht, pizzas, popular cakes like Napoleon and drink cranberry fruit-drink. When your stomach going to explode, it is time to arrange the action! So we decided to make a maximum attack at game slots called Battle Gear 3. This evening Honda’s NSX & Civic EK9 type-r have burned the tracks in the game. On the spot where we play BG3 (it is close to Moscow Cinema, Odessa, Ukraine.) you are lucky to use game slots for 4 people at the same time, and get the maximum amount of sweat and happiness. And of course a lot of jokes and laughter until stomach start to suffer! As Always Yeahh!