It was a good news that in Odessa in a middle of 2013 year was generated amateur time attack club, where guys can meet on weekends and together enjoy car life and speed. Local closed road, which were and is under construction, serves for the guys like a mini race track with pretty nice road cover. Interesting thing, it would seem for the first look that the track is very simple, but stop, on it there is a very tricky corners and differences of heights, all these factors are added more pleasure from driving, and of course the hot heads are competing for the best lap time in their class. Nice to look at how automotive culture is gradually grows in my native city, this is very important for the young guys with hot blood inside, who learn from things and events happening around. In this article I’m just lifted the curtain a bit on amateur time attack in Odessa. So don’t worry, I have a stunning shots in my archives from these meetings in other days, which are waiting for their time.

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