You want to receive adrenaline punch, then feel coldest freeze in your legs for about a three hours, it’s time to blow away dust from your bones. Three grannies and one young soul decided to make a small journey to the Nikko circuit in the end of the autumn, because if not in the end of November, this wouldn’t have happened in 2014 at all. The road to the Nikolaev was pretty damn good, if not counting that our red lady was a little bit badass with local police, and our white horsy has imagined that tyre can normally ride without any air pressure inside the wheel ha-ha. A huge gift to us was the fact, that only our little team decided to have a fun on the Nikko track in that day, on the other side, strange situation, because in Nikolaev drifting became very popular like a local time attack days. We will not stop on this moment, little preparation on location, and hot laps began! Pasha feels very comfortable and easy on the track in his ae85 with 4agze under the hood, he shows long slides & nice moves, meanwhile Vadimulia had some battles with his tricky wagon. A little bit of remembering where the corners are located, and pressure starts to grow up. More often & often one nigga starts to catch up another nigga, and we can view nice pair slides, which heat your soul in this cold, sweet autumn day! Everything was awesome, even that fact, that some parts of my body were like a icy bricks in a open winter field. Vadimulia’s driving style became more aggressive and aggressive, speed & slides angles are increased, suddenly happens is that we couldn’t expect. After one corner in the end of the track Vadimulia rides on high speed with a good angle, rear wheels go beyond the track, and here the trap was hidden! Wagon caught a huge knock from the concrete part of the track, plus some bricks were there in the earth, white ass even bounced into the air by one meter, with a huge amount of dirt & dust, we all stopped! It’s a pity that I didn’t caught that moment, but this is life, situation was so unexpected. Fast inspection of the rear axle shows not good diagnosis, big percentage that ke73 will no longer be able to ride on its own this evening. Slight pushes towards the paddock… meanwhile Pasha continues to earn his drugs by burning tyres on the track, and Vadimulia decided to disassemble rear semiaxi in hope to fix minor damage. But luck was not on our side with this question. Rear axle was with tricky damage and we had no time & parts to fix it on the spot, plus sun went down very fast, evening was getting colder and colder. Four frozen asses in the empty paddock it’s not our way for sure! Another interesting moment pleased us with the fact that rope for towing was extremely short, and it was looks like a unbelievable joke to ride 154 km to the home on highway with this dangerous “face to ass” combo. Thanks to God we have a good friends in Nikolaev, so Mitya Dikasoff was very kind to us and offered help & service, to resolve our problem. By the way, Mitya has a very interesting and clean ke70 project, I hope we will see it in action soon, if you became interested, please check it out here, qualitative stuff is guaranteed! It was almost dark when we left the track, the local administrator closed gate to a little magic land and we started waiting for our help. Funny feelings, when you waiting in totally dark, cold area, on the outskirts of the town, close to the local garage cooperatives, no soul around, only a few lazy cars constantly passing by you, yo, real ghetto hood, yeah?! Suddenly again headlights starts to sparkle in the dark, super clean, glossy Infiniti g37 sedan on huge Vossen wheels with sweet suspension setup shows own face in the dark and stops near us… what? so sweet g37 in Nikolaev? you’re kidding?! The window slowly went down and voice from the sedan said: “Hey, yo! Odessa drifters, what’s up?!” Yeah! It was Mitya with friend, oh, what a meeting! We stayed for a while and we had a great conversation about cars and all that stuff around. Mitya was so kind, he proposed to keep broken white horsy in his garage for some time, but this way is for lazy asses, not for those who are looking for adventures or for pain in the ass ha-ha. So we got a long-awaited Grail, it was normal rope for towing with a good length & quality out of the g37 luggage carrier, now we can start our safe way to the home. Oh, Oh, cool down! What’s the way without paper food! Last stop in Nikolaev near Fornetti kiosk, plus 4L of Pepesi special for Vadimulia, bye bye and big thanks to Mitya for the help. Now, Hey!, full throttle bitches! I chose the place in wagon with Vadimulia, where a lot of holes in a car body, and heater blows a little bit weak, so my legs was like a two icy logs and ass was like a one big cold brick, fornetti shit flew around, pepsi was cold enough like it must be, a lot of jokes and laughs, huge smile was on my face and happiness feeling was inside my soul, all three calm hours on the way home, it’s adventure power babe, yeah! And do not forget, the hero of the evening was Pasha with his red lady, which towed white horsy on own back all way home!

Big thanks for reading this huge story guys, so, hope you will have a RAD year! all the best in 2015 to everyone! Happy holidays! Yeah! x

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