It was a pretty warm evening of may, when guys met up to enjoy a look of Odessa’s cleanest black Mazda RX7 FD (Spirit R – Type A, if I’m not mistaken) which fell into good hands of the guy with passion to one of the purest Japanese engineering ideas. Over the years this rare FD was in a deep sleep, and only rumours flew in air about this car, or you think someone was lucky enough to meet this gem in the city, forget, it was almost impossible, but I will not deny that super lucky guys live on this planet. Many years have passed and everything changed, the time has come to awake and resurrect. Before the moment, when FD found a new owner, there was a lot of hidden battles and auctions between potential owners, but in the end spirit has found his hero. I’m enjoying the moments when I see this super clean RX7 attacks the night streets of Odessa, and I hope in the future, this car will evolve in the right clean direction like right now, and will stay in the category of Odessa’s gems. For you I prepared a little documentary story about one good evening with beautiful lines, shapes, colors and people around, try to look deeply inside of these forms, explore your mind vision and imagination to the next level through those pictures, thereby giving material for your fantasy! enjoy x

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