It was one of Sunday’s in October and guys gathered on a local practice spot to make a happy weekend for Them. On the way to the spot, we had funny situation with traffic police, they told us that the car was hardly converted, eventually we got the penalty for high speed. There hadn’t arrived so many cars, but the action was great. Especially awesome were tandem drift, where N/A 1.6 liter wagon ke73 and supercharged coupe ae86 Toyota’s chase the turbocharged S14. Someone had tested the new wisefab suspension kit, with long backward entries. Someone was viewing car logs. Someone showed a gift – 326Power lanyard from god of suspension Haruguchi Mitsuru. Even children who had come from nowhere, looked with huge interest at everything that happened. Everyone had rested and talked about different stuff. That day Dmitriy’s Illyuk S14 aka Red Dragon had broken and he couldn’t continue practice, the problem was in head gasket, cause it was Blown, and it is sad, because it is always pleasant to look how SpecR drift, he has good skills at high-speed drift. Everyone wanted to continue so hardly that practice longered till dark night, so it was no Light Action. When everything finished, everyone went back home so happy and very tired, and Me among them)

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Yeah, Naiho second time has been featured on Speedhunters! You can find my picture in article #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER: BACK ON TRACK. Thanks Paddy!