If you are reading naiho, you should know this flying Dutchman called Vadimulia’s ke73 wagon. It was sweet summer evening, we met with friends at Valentin Grushevoy body shop (i wrote about this body shop before, if you want 10k rpm engine or good suspenshion your welcome) to prepare wagon for unwrapping. Pasha and Vadimulia were like real workers, and they worked at full power all evening, only stopping sometimes for a few minutes to have a rest. Meanwhile i walked at the body shop and shoot awesome things, tools, details and of course those wonderful romantic atmosphere around us. Evening was quiet and very long, even seemed a little mysterious. I am always pleased with this body shop, the play of light, shadows and geometry of lines. At the end, something wrong? look at the first photo in this article, this is pure magic.

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Naiho on Speedhunters. It was very pleasant when my photo was taken on the cover of article named #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER, on one of the largest automotive resources in the world. Thanks a lot to Paddy McGrath and Speedhunters team for support.