This is a story about My journey with Vadimulia to the nearby town Nikolaev, on a local karting circuit that we call Nikko. It was a very hot summer day, sometimes it seemed that it’s possible to go mad under the scorching sun. We have collected all necessary things in the car and left home in the morning. The road cover on the way to Nikolaev was not so good, but we were enjoying patties with potatoes when we decided to have a snack on one of the halts. Entrance to the town passed through the bridge and this was beautiful. The beauty has ended there, the road cover in Nikolaev was simply awful, there were a lot of holes on the road, here it is necessary to drive only by jeep, for a low sports car it’s simply hell. In general the town was slow and boring inside and these impressions frighten me. I was pleased with improbable advertising of hot girl with ventilator in a local supermarket, such it is impossible to pass. Headache with this road, and Hallelujah we have at last arrived where we wanted to. Old circuit for races on karting is overgrown with bushes, but still suitable for amateur races. Time attack competitions here are popular. When we have arrived Tolik’s s14 already have unloaded from the car trailer and waited for him. There was nobody on the territory of karting circuit, a few gapers, some motorcyclists, and guys who repaired mopeds, they constantly were running somewhere. After changing tires and unloading the car Vadimulia started to test a circuit. Basically it is possible to drive, and practice different techniques of drifting, here the tire covers will not be erased for a long time. Vadimulia enjoyed driving. It was very hot and we were doing small breaks in order not to overheat the car engine. After a while, the other guys came. These were local guys on Opel Omega with turbo engine, which is unusual for Ukraine. Immediately behind them came Tolik’s gang from Odessa on BMW M5, and it was also nice to meet with Mitya that builds Toyota Corolla ae70 in Nikolaev for himself, here his blog about it With appearing of people the platform became a little bit fresher and more cheerful. Without wasting time, Tolik and Volodya checked the car, set the gopro camera on the body s14 and got down to business. There was incredible bomb in the area, black silvia raced on a track like a rocket. Much smoke, spun and the car often went out of the track, there was an explosion of clay, stones and dust which has reached even me, because during this moment I was near the corner. Silvia was exposed to a very strong pressure. The hydraulic booster broke down first, small delay on repairing and again fighting. But unfortunately after the car was out of the track one time, the steering lath broke down and it was not possible to repair. After that sad news, boldness passed, everybody was a bit tired and calmed down, we have started to prepare our returning home. At that time some other guys raced on the track at time attack, but there was nothing interesting… When s14 was uploaded in trailer and everything was ready we quietly moved to Odessa. During departure from Nikolaev we couldn’t leave without attention the local McDonald’s, ohh yeahh sweet cheeseburgers, hamburgers and Coke. On the way home Vadimula was driving like a sick maniac. I was lucky to shot Vadimulia when he was driving a car, this time the sun was setting and the picture turned very interesting, when you are looking at the photo, this look likes “god bless you“. Our journey to Nikolaev was something like this, we have gained a lot of experience, especially from behavior of Corolla, I spent a good summer day with this crazy beard, and the most important, let those horrible holes and bumps on the road be cursed!

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